Welcome Quest ~ R33 ~ Ordinis Mortis!

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Welcome Quest ~ R33 ~ Ordinis Mortis!

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Fri Sep 09, 2016 11:16 pm

Greetings! We will be hosting the R33 Welcome Quest in Ordinis Mortis and Vengeance! Please be there to support the town and help show everyone what a POT Merchant town is all about!

Event Details
Name: Welcome Quest R33
When: Sat, September 10, 12pm – 1pm
Description: Welcome Quest showcases many of the Player-owned and Player-ran towns in New Britannia. Come for unique events in each town. We rotate towns between each Welcome Quest. Sometimes we quest on the overland map to cover a larger area.

To join in just teleport to Greagoir Pendragon and you will be transported to the event. Starting city will be in Brittany Wharfs at Violation Clauth's Keep.

We will head from Brittany Wharfs to Ordinis Mortis, where Minerva will be waiting, or Vengeance, where Violation will be waiting. The rest of the details you will have to learn at the event!
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