Gladiator Wars Pre matches

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Gladiator Wars Pre matches

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Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:34 pm

Saturday 08/13/2016 at 9pm eastern time /Teleport to Torniquet Warsworn in game, this will be one of the many Pre Gladiator War matches!!!! It will be held in Kingswood (Hidden Vale non pvp area). All Are welcome to come and watch or participate! There will be plenty of standing room only space along the walls of my Keep! The competition will be held in the courtyard! Even though there is a Guild Name for my Character this is not a Guild Sponsored event! All prizes come straight from my RL pocket!!!. Show up at 8pm Eastern to resister to fight or PM me here. The event will start at 9pm eastern. If you are not registered, by 9pm you will not be able to compete!

For the Spectators.....this is a perfect time for you to see who's who in the PVP/ Competition circuit for GLADIATOR WARS. It is a good time to pick teams for the various events. for more on the types of events that will be at "Gladiator Wars" check out this thread.

Arena/Gladiator Tourneys "Gladiator Games"

All are welcome to participate in one way or another. There may even be someone there to take bets on the fights. So without further ado, here's the line up for the nights festivities.

All matches will be 1 vs 1, (it is in a non pvp area so you will have to accept duel from each other prior to the fight) 2 warriors will face off in the courtyard. Any kind of magic or weapons can be used. (including potions)
If anyone enters the courtyard during the fight, that is not part of the fight, the battle will come to a stop and restart. Repeat offenders will be banned from property and if your PVP flag you will be dirtnapped and then banned or just banned! (you will not get back lost items if that happens) All Matches are 1 vs 1 and to the DEATH, and competitors are not allowed to leave out of the courtyard or they will be disqualified. If players are not
(A Viking Village Home is the prize for 1st place.) Upside down boat type village home.
[​IMG] that is a 100$ prize!

I want this to be an enjoyable match for all PVP and NON PVP alike (there will be other matches in the future in PVP areas as well) It i also a good way for the non pvp to get in on the action if they want to test the waters. Also i would like to have someone or two be designated as Rezzors since i dont know if there is an ankh nearby. (please contact me via PM here)

Vendors are welcome to come and sell their goods as well. I will have side halls you can sit in and sell your items to other players (if you want to donate some gold to the event that is also good, as it will go towards more and more Gladiator Wars events! Donations are not required. Please all come and enjoy!

Competitors - Either register with me through PM here, or show up to the event an hour early and register. If you are not registered by 8:55pm eastern time, you will not be able to compete, i will start promptly at 9pm eastern time there is no ending time it will be over when its over based on competitors if somone is in the lead and they cannot stay till the end they will be taken off the roster and next in line will fall in his/her place no exceptions.

Vendors - Arrive also an hour early to set up your shop in my keep, you can place your chest there and i will give you authorization to put in and take out stuff for your sales, (i only have a couple chests so please bring your own)

I will only accept one bookie for betting so first come first serve! PM me to set up the criteria.

Disclaimer* I will not be responsible for crooked vendors if you get ripped off just dont deal with them again is my best advice, and let others know how crooked they are! Word of mouth travels faster than anything, and can be devastating to a crafter who out to make some gold!

If there are any other questions please do not hesitate to PM me.

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Re: Gladiator Wars Pre matches

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Fri Aug 12, 2016 3:21 pm

Glad to see this starting!

I'm on vacation right now so I'll miss this one but I hope you do another sometime next month!
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