Serenite Splits from OoV

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Serenite Splits from OoV

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I'm here to announce that Duke William of Serenite has chosen to split from Order of Vengeance. This split was abrupt and done out of a desire to create a rp centric guild that focuses on his town. The role play structure will be required; however, it is described as RP-Lite. As the initial memberset was taken from Order of Vengeance we have decided to set House Serenite of Grunvald to friendly; however, there is a desire within the guild to allow the relationship to form naturally in the game and not decide out-of-game how we relate to each other.

William had this to say on the matter:
Duke William of Serenite wrote:What if I told you that one day you could be the ruler of your own kingdom? How about something you can help grow and feel proud to belong to? A community that works like a family. All this can all happen in a beautiful castle town you can call home. Serenite has a unique charm to it.

House Serenite of Grunvald is a town based RP lite guild. You are not forced to take on any positions or roles, the roles below are purely optional. You simply have to respect role play. We do not require that members have Team Speak. We do have it available for out of character conversations and to help new players. If you have an interest in this house, you can message me here in the forums in order to setup a meeting to RP an invitation in game.

Serenite will always have the Titan of Love at its center and heart. Why because it is with the love of our fellow Serenites that the town will succeed. Our pride of who we are and where we come from defines us. Every Serenite is first and foremost a soldier who would die for his family and kingdom.

Our role play is similar to Game of Thrones. We do not care what other guilds call themselves. They are all houses to us. Order of Vengeance in our native tongue is House Vengeance. Pax Lair is House Pax Lair and so on and so forth. When we speak in role play we say house and not guild. In order to have a structure similar to what you see in GOT I have drafted up a few positions to be held within our House.

Anything in this guild charter is subject to change. As the members of Serenite grow along with Serenite positions may not be needed or new ones may arise. Only the Duke, High Council and the High Priest can edit this document.
There is more including the ranks available within the guild. Read the entire post here: ... ing.52178/

With this I am also announcing that Order of Vengeance will split it's Hardcore PvP players into a new guild called Order through Chaos and it will be co-lead by Lorimus and Sciamano. Details are yet to come.

I will remain the guild leader of Order of Vengeance and we will continue to be the guild we described and recruited for over the last two years... here's an overview on who we are as explained on our website: wrote:Order of Vengeance is the very first Pre-Alpha Guild of any kind for Shroud of the Avatar. We are a group of Ultima / Ultima Online players and fans that are excited about immersing ourselves back into the next amazing adventure by Lord British. Vengeance, the primary town of Order of Vengeance, was also the first Open PVP Player Town in Shroud of the Avatar.

Order of Vengeance is a balanced guild. We will be handling all sides of the game and have members who specialize in Production Crafting, Gathering, Merchant Services, Government, Dungeoning, Exploring, and Adventure Questing. If you are wanting to know more about us please check out our members page for a list of our founding members and their short bios.

Order of Vengeance is recruiting! We have a Teamspeak 3 server and Forum for keeping up with guildies. If you think this could be your home then we suggest you join us on Teamspeak 3!
Here is the image of us coming together:

Our five founding members:
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    Eternal Knightmen
    Amber Raine
    Jiirc Overshoes
I am really excited for the future of OoV and I hope you are too. We continue to press on as a family of gamers without pressuring our members to play a specific style. If you have feedback about this split or the OTC guild please contact me in a private message. Thanks!
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