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Tabletop games are one of the best interactive and social passtimes we have available to bridge generational, gender, and even educational gaps. Kids and adults can come together and enjoy cooperative or competitive games that are playtested to provide a balanced and enjoyable time.

Desron Gaming tabletop resources

Wil Wheaton

Possibly the single most beneficial online resource in getting introduced to a new tabletop game is a web series TableTop by Wil Wheaton and hosted by Geek & Sundry on YouTube.


DM's Guild

Trying to get started in leading a group? One of the most powerful things a new DM can have is the support of other DMs. Check out these resources available by DM's Guild.

DM's Guild

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  • supports 1 to 6 players, ages 10 and up, for 60 minutes of cooperative fun
  • a great "gateway" game for people who haven't played board games in a while
  • fun for people who enjoy a less competitive experience
  • rules variations allow for customization of difficulty
  • may be played as a solitaire game
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Munchkin Panic
  • Combines the all-for-one feel of Castle Panic with the all-for-me play of Munchkin
  • New card combos created from mixing the decks of the 2 source games
  • Hopeful, desperate, addictive gameplay keeps players coming back for more
  • Brings Treasure to the game for instant rewards when slaying Monsters
  • Stab-your-buddy aspect dialed up or down, depending on group preference
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